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Filipino Song "Indayog" Featured in Critically Acclaimed Russian Film, 'Snegir (Three Minutes of Silence)'

 Indayog a Filipino song featured in Snegir
The famous ending of the 2023 Russian film 'Snegir' or Three Minutes of Silence, where "Indayog," a Filipino song, is featured.

Snegir (Three Minutes of Silence) is one of Russia's critically acclaimed films of 2023. In what could be a first in Filipino music history, the film, directed by award-winning director Boris Khlebnikov, features a Tagalog song by Ted Reyes entitled "Indayog." 

The song plays in one of the most memorable scenes in the film, which occurs at the very end–right before the credit rolls and shows the character Yurik, played by Timofey Tribuntsev, live-streams himself mixing and chugging a peculiar drink made up of vodka and worms. 

"It's surreal to see and hear my song in an international film like Snegir," Reyes said. "This is a real testament to the universality of music since my song is not even in Russian or English. It's in Tagalog, and it's right there in a memorable scene."

Reyes also added that while the film was screening in Russia, the stream numbers for the song on both his YouTube channel and streaming accounts tripled.  

"I was shocked to see high streaming activity for "Indayog" in Moscow!" Reyes said. "It's incredible what music can do. It transcends language and nationalities."

Watch and hear "Indayog," a Filipino song featured in Snegir.

Check out the credits featuring "Indayog" by Ted Reyes.

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