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Meet Jing Leonardo: The Versatile Filipino Indie Folk Artist

Filipino Indie Folk Artist
Jing Leonardo

Jing Leonardo is a versatile Filipino Indie Folk Artist who wears many hats with mastery and grace. He seamlessly balances his roles as a singer, songwriter, independent artist, and accomplished engineer.

Jing's musical journey took an intriguing turn in April 2020 amidst the height of the pandemic. Despite being a latecomer to songwriting, he views this as a divine grace, channeling his creativity into twenty-seven released songs across various genres. From the heartfelt "Ang Lagay Natin" to the reflective "Student Life," each composition is a testament to his musical versatility. 

Beyond his solo endeavors, Jing has graced numerous live online video streaming radio programs, showcasing his musical prowess. His story is one of embracing newfound passion and sharing the divine melody of Jing Leonardo's songs with a global audience.

Filipino Indie Folk Artist


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