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Ted Reyes' New Solo Album, 'Trip sa Field,' Announced – Limited Edition Vinyl Now Available for Pre-Order

Ted Reyes' New Solo Album, 'Trip sa Field

NSFU Records announced the upcoming release of Ted Reyes' new solo album, Trip sa Field. The ten-track all-Tagalog record features collaborations with artists such as Raymund Marasigan (Eraserheads, Sandwich), Sheryl Reyes (Scarlet Gum), Gatchie Ignacio (The Kuwagos) Chet Del Mundo (Trickback, Prize Violet), and more.

Trip sa Field is NSFU's second vinyl release this year after the sold out New Wave Rising: The Golden Age of Filipino Post Punk: 1980-1986.

Ted Reyes was the singer, guitarist, and chief songwriter of the 1990s seminal band, The Freesouls. He later formed his current bands, The Happy Analogues in 2006, and Scarlet Gum with Sheryl Reyes during the Covid Pandemic in 2020. He released three solo albums: Made in Kamuning (All-Tagalog), Music for Endings (Electronic), and Wander Awake (Electronic). In 2003, he wrote the hit song "Bye Bye Na" for Rico Blanco (Rivermaya), which currently has over ten million Spotify streams.

Check out Ted's music.

Trip sa Field will ONLY be available in a limited edition vinyl release slated for Fall 2024. Pre-orders are now being accepted.


Pre- Order Below.


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