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New Wave Rising: NSFU's First Vinyl Release is Officially Sold Out!

New Wave Rising: The Golden Age of Filipino Post Punk: 1980-1986

NSFU's first vinyl release is officially sold out! The historic compilation album entitled New Wave Rising: The Golden Age of Filipino Post Punk: 1980-1986, features ten unreleased tracks by some of the best Filipino New Wave bands during the 1980s: Private Stock, The College, Ocean Zoo, Lost Boys, Violent Playground, Silos, and Integrated Circuit. The album was compiled by musician/producer Rhanny Torres (Lost Boys, Enthic Faces, Brownbeat All Stars), and executive produced by Ted Reyes for NSFU.

The releases came in two format, a limited deluxe version with Free CD and limited sticker, which were reserved for those who pre-ordered back when the album was announced in February, and the regular vinyl version for the general public.

There are no current plans to re-issue the highly-sought after release, but sign up for the NSFU newsletter to get first dibs on new releases, freebies, and re-issues.


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